Some background on TranscriberAG

TranscriberAG is the successor of the Transcriber tool.

It has been completely redeveloped by Bertin Technologies to overcome the shortcomings of the initial design and adopt a more powerful annotation model. This new version is based on Annotation Graphs (AG), the default format of the new annotation files: the associated XML-based format is named tag, and file names are suffixed .tag.

It provides ascending compatibility with the Transcriber .trs format while bringing new functionalities such as the annotation of dual-channel recordings or the display of videos.

TranscriberAG is still free software: the program is released under the GNU GPLv3 license.

TranscriberAG is expected to follow a collaborative development: it has been developed in the C++ language and is using the GTK+ library for the graphical user interface (GUI). Feel free to contact us should you want to contribute.