Frequently Asked Questions

All versions

1. Can I save a file to an old format?

No you can't.
TranscriberAG natively supports the following file formats .trs, .stm, .ctm, .cha, .mdtm and .sgml: if any file of one of these formats is opened in TranscriberAG, it is "on the fly" converted to .tag format and displayed in a new annotation editor. It can then be edited but not saved back to the original format (this would involve a loss of information from the annotation graph data model).
Except for SCLITE format, some command-line tools are also provided to convert files to .tag format (trs2tag, chat2tag, ctm2tag, stm2tag, mdtm2tag).
Other file formats can be loaded in TranscriberAG if appropriate format support plug-ins are provided.

Mac OS X version

1. I can't run TranscriberAG on my Mac!

It appears that the Mac OS X package provided only works with Mac OS X 10.5 and not 10.6.
Please, if you successfully compile a package from the sources that works with Mac OS X 10.6, let us know so that we can add it to the download page. Thank you!